Requirements for Major

B.S. Major Requirements:

Written/Oral Expression 0-8
See College requirement
Preparatory Subject Matter 71
Biological Sciences 2A, 2B 10
Chemistry 2A, 2B, 2C 15
Physics 9A, 9B, 9C 15
Mathematics 21A, 21B, 21C, 21D, 22A, 22B 22
Geology 50, 50L 5
Engineering 6 or the equivalent 4
Breadth/General Education 18-24
Depth Subject Matter 46-55
Hydrologic Science (HYD) 103N: Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals or
Engineering (ENG) 103: Fluid Mechanics or the equivalent
Civil and Environmental Engineering (ECI) 114: Probabilistic Systems Analysis for Civil Engineers or Statistics (STA) 130A and 130B: Mathematical Statistics 4-8
HYD 134: Aqueous Geochemistry
HYD 141: Physical Hydrology
HYD 144: Groundwater Hydrology
HYD 151: Field Methods in Hydrology
Soil Science (SSC) 107 5
Select one from Water Policy and Law:
HYD 150: Water Law
Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) 147: Resource and Environmental Policy Analysis
Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) 161: Environmental Law
ESP 169: Water Policy and Politics
Environmental Science and Management (ESM) 121: Water Science and Management
Select one from GIS/Remote Sensing
LDA 150: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
HYD 182: Environmental Analysis using GIS
ESM 185: Aerial Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing
ESM 186: Environmental Remote Sensing
Select three from Hydrologic Science
HYD 110: Irrigation Principles and Practices
HYD 124: Plant-Water-Soil Relationships
HYD 142: Systems Hydrology
HYD 143: Ecohydrology
HYD 145: Water Science and Design
HYD 146: Hydrogeology and Contaminant Transport
HYD 147: Runoff, Erosion and Water Quality Management in the Tahoe Basin
ECI 141: Engineering Hydraulics
Applied Biological Systems Technology (ABT) 165: Irrigation Practices for an Urban Environment
Restricted Electives 16-26
Selected upper division courses to supplement or expand areas of student interest with approval of adviser
Unrestricted Electives 6-20
(including units earned from 192 and 199 courses)

Total Units for the Degree


Major Adviser: Helen Dahlke

Download: Hydrology Major Checklist