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What is a SA&FS Peer Advisor?

In one word:

Allie: A SA&FS Peer Advisor is present.

Shea: A SA&FS Peer Advisor is an emulsifier.

In one sentence:

Allie: A SA&FS Peer Advisor is someone who is present, willing, and happy to support individuals within her student community (as well as the community in a holistic sense) both within and outside the office walls by seeking alternative routes, if necessary, to create success (as defined by the advisee) and student engagement with university and local resources.

Shea: A SA&FS Peer Advisor acts as the emulsifier that holds this major together, pulling together every unique and beautiful community member, and acting as the amoeba that is ever-responsive to SA&FS’ diverse needs.

In one paragraph:

Allie: To clarify, a SA&FS Peer Advisor is “present” because she is not helpful if her mind is elsewhere. She prioritizes student preferences and needs as they relate to the betterment of the community and will take innovative action in response to these preferences and needs. She is viewed by members in her community as approachable, helpful, genuine, and a valuable resource. She respects her peers and the paths they take.

Shea: To clarify, SA&FS Peer Advisors are emulsifiers because we are the glue, the bridge working to hold this community together, creating channels of communication between advisors, faculty members, and students. SA&FS Peer Advisors are like Mary Poppin’s “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” We have been so much for the major. We have been the stopper to plug every hole. We have been the catalyst to creating better, more clear, more easily accessible resources. We give ourselves unapologetically to the major and the wonderful community members who are present.

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